Copy Cash Secrets

InstructorDonna Walsh
TypeOnline Course
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This e-course consists of 10 lessons available in video, audio, and pdf formats.

Please Note that these are exactly the same, just available in these different formats.

Section 1Copy Cash Secrets Videos
Lecture 1Address The Problem
Lecture 2Call To Action - Close The Sale
Lecture 3Handling Objections
Lecture 4Headlines
Lecture 5How To Boost Your Sales
Lecture 6Introduce The Solution
Lecture 7Sub-headlines
Lecture 8The Video Sales Formula
Lecture 9Ultimate Copy Formula
Lecture 10Writing Your Opener
Section 2Copy Cash Secrets Audios
Lecture 11Address The Problem
Lecture 12Call To Action - Close The Sale
Lecture 13Handling Objections
Lecture 14Headlines
Lecture 15How To Boost Your Sales
Lecture 16Introduce The Solution
Lecture 17Sub-headlines
Lecture 18The Video Sales Formula
Lecture 19Ultimate Copy Formula
Lecture 20Writing Your Opener